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Parking fine win

Just wanted to say thank-you so much for the help I received from Robinson Wilson Solicitors. After nearly 2 years of battle I won a case against Westminster City Council parking fines department and it was not an easy ride especially when you have bailiff letters coming through your post. Seeing Coral in her busy schedule she managed to squeeze me in and help me write letters after

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Harassment -March 2013

Employment: bullying and harassment

"My solicitor supported me in a bullying and harassment matter. My solicitor negotiated an excellent settlements way of compromise agreement"

Age discrimination

Employment: Age discrimination and unfair dismissal

..."my legal team acted very good and won my case in the employment tribunal. I needed to challenge my dismissal , my solicitor supported me all the way through case, thank you"

Rehoused, moved into my new home - Yvonne Watson

Robinson Wilson solicitors provided me with an excellent service. I felt very comfortable and confident about my case. All staff showed great compassion, professionalism, communicated greatly and were very reliable. This all enabled myself and family to get through my case with a very positive outcome to which I thank Coral and her team very much and have recommended the firm to many.

I’ve got zero hesitation in recommending this solicitor

I had, what I regarded to be, some difficult benefit queries which were causing me a lot of anxiety. I live in the Kingston-on-Thames area and started looking on-line for relevant solicitor feedback - I was very impressed from my searches with Mrs Williams’ hard earned reputation with DWP contested cases.

I therefore travelled over to her offices for a consultation and was not disappointed with her professionalism, sympathetic approach and practical advice based on very sound subject- knowledge and experience. I left her offices totally re-assured that she was “ in my corner” and that her solid experience would be at my disposal at a later date- if need be. A very different feeling to how I felt prior to the appointment.

Keep up the good work!