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Bedroom Tax Victory - First Steps


On 20 September 2013 Robinson Wilson Solicitors assisted in securing a First Tier tribunal regarding the Housing benefit under occupancy regulations, commonly know as 'bedroom tax'. By way of background, the local authority, in this case, Westminster made a decision in March 2013 that the appellant (assisted by Robinson Wilson Solicitors) had one additional bedroom and therefore it must apply the statutory reduction in his housing benefit entitlement.

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Free advice for residents of North Westminster

We our happy to announce that during 2015 we are able to provide free advice on welfare benefit and housing matters for residents of North Westminster only. In particular residents from Queens Park, Harrow Road, Church Street and Westbourne Park Wards. For free advice please attend the Beethoven Centre on Mondays during 1- 4pm and Wednesday at church street library from 10.30 am till 12.30 pm. Please note both sessions are very busy so try to come early to avoid disappointment. Numbers are limited to seeing the first 12 people during each session. Sessions close during August 2013.

UPDATE Jul 2014 : Church street sessions have now been discontinued.


We offer highly competitive fixed fees for the chargeable work we undertake.

Large Overpayment of Housing Benefit decision overturned in the social security tribunal

article Large OverpaymenIn February 2013, Robinson Wilson Solicitors had success in the first tier social security tribunal . This case involved a large over payment of housing benefit of around £25,000. The issue for the tribunal judge to decide was whether the appellant had established that he held a large amount of money on trust, for a close relative. The judge held despite the fact that the money was held a long time ago and recollections fade, the appellant had established that the money was on trust and therefore he did not have a beneficial interest in the money held in his account. Click to see decision.

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