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Money matters sessions now at Churchill Ward

Robinson Wilson solicitors Money Matters Sessions at Churchill Ward funded by Churchill Ward Councillors.

Our money matters offers you free, confidential and impartial advice sessions which will help you maximise your income by applying for the benefits you are entitled to and helping you on housing matters such as homelessness.

Money Matters Sessions:

Thursday 24 July                            11am-1pm

Thursday 21 August                       11am-1pm

Thursday 25 September                 11am-1pm         

Thursday 23 October                     11am-1pm

Thursday 20 November                  11am-1pm

Thursday 18 December                 11am-1pm

 Location: Churchill Ward Community Hall, Churchill Gardens Estate, London SW1V 3AL

Pension Credit Win

In June 2013 Robinson Wilson Solicitors acted on behalf of a claimant in a pension credit appeal and won. By way of background, the claimant's claim for pension credit was rejected on the grounds that the claimant should make a joint claim for pension credit with the individual he cared for. The DWP alleged that he was a member of a couple and should there claim as a couple. The Claimant argued that he was not a part of a couple, and that in fact he was a carer. The First Tier tribunal decided in favour of the claimant. However the DWP asked the tribunal to set aside its judgement on grounds that the tribunal judge had not considered all the evidence. The Judge refused to set aside the decision and the appeal was allowed. This decision unlocked around £7000-£8000 in backdated pension credit payments for the claimant.

Unfair dismissal Victory in Employment tribunal

We recently represented a former employee of Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust, in the employment tribunal and won. The claimant brought a claim of age discrimination in an unfair dismissal and age discrimination case. The panel of judges decided that the claimant had been unfairly dismissed and they also awarded the claimant a financial award.

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